15 Awesome Unschooling Blogs You Should Follow
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15 Awesome Unschooling Blogs You Should Follow

Unschooling is so different from traditional schooling that parents can often have a lot of questions about how they should be facilitating their child’s education. There’s no one way to allow your child to pursue their own education but it can definitely be helpful for parents to see what other unschooling families are doing. Because unschooling isn’t a mainstream educational method and there’s no set rules on how to go about it, unschooling families who share their experiences with the community are a valuable resource for anyone with questions or who are looking for some tips and advice.

Happiness is Here

Happiness is Here : Unschooling Blog You Should Follow

Happiness is Here is a blog about the unschooling experiences of Sara and her 4 daughters. They are an Australian unschooling family who learn by doing and by interacting with the world around them. Sara shares photos and stories about what daily life looks like for her family and what types of activities and projects her girls enjoy. Comments are open on her posts to allow for discussion and questions from the community.

Living Joyfully

Living Joyfully : Unschooling Blog You Should Follow

Pam Laricchia is the mother behind the Living Joyfully blog. Her goal is to help other parents build an unschooling lifestyle for their families and to create a world that we can all explore with curiosity and joy. She began her unschooling journey with her three children in 2002 and over that time she has accumulated plenty of experience and resources which she shares on her blog.

Not For Us Thanks

Not For Us Thanks : Unschooling Blog You Should Follow

The Not For Us Thanks blog has been following the unschooling of Alex and Daniel since November of 2014. The posts include updates of what the boys do on a regular day, the outings they take, and the interests they pursue. There are plenty of pictures and detailed posts that allow you to get a real glimpse of how their unschooling lives function on a day to day basis.

Our Unschooling Journey

Our Unschooling Journey : Unschooling Blog You Should Follow

The mother of three who posts on Our Unschooling Journey has a master’s degree in early childhood education and has been blogging since June 2012. She posts about life, diet, nutrition, and everything that her and her boys do together to help them pursue their self-guided education.

The Classical Unschooler

The Classical Unschooler : Unschooling Blog You Should Follow

Purva Brown is The Classical Unschooler. She combines classical education and unschooling to give her children the best education she can without the set structure that comes with traditional schooling. Through her blog she offers advice, thoughts, and in depth writings about unschooling and education.


Racheous : Unschooling Blog You Should Follow

Rachel is an Australian mother of three who blogs about respectful parenting, unschooling, and intentional living. She talks about daily life, provides recommendations, and discusses how to have a respectful relationship with your children.

Rickshaw Unschooling

Rickshaw Unschooling : Unschooling Blog You Should Follow

Emily van Lidth de Jeude is a visual and literary artist, mother, and unschooler. She has been blogging about unschooling since September 2007 and she discusses daily life, projects, and discovery. She also leads Wild Art which is an explorative art, science, and wilderness program for all ages.

Stories of an Unschooling Family

Stories of an Unschooling Family : Unschooling Blog You Should Follow

Sue Elvis, creator of Stories of an Unschooling Family, is an Australian Christian blogger, podcaster, and Youtuber. She has seven children who are now teenagers and young adults. She writes about everything there is to know about unschooling, including her tired and difficult days, interviews with other uschoolers, and tips for strewing and providing resources for your kids.

The Dad Hatter

The Dad Hatter : Unschooling Blog You Should Follow

The Dad Hatter is a full-time dad of six children. His blog is about unschooling and parenting. He shares quotes, photos of activities and outings, and unschooling stories, tools, and insights. He’s a big lover of books and offers plenty of posts about what him and his family have been reading.

Unschool Days

Unschool Days : Unschooling Blog You Should Follow

Brian Mackenzie is an unschooling dad from London, Ontario and he’s been unschooling his kids since before they could talk. He provides ideas for experiments, projects, and explorations. He generously incorporates humor and puns into his blogs making it great for both advice and just plain ol’ entertainment.

Unschooling Mom2Mom

Unschooling Mom2Mom : Unschooling Blog You Should Follow

Sue Patterson is an unschooling mom as well as an unschooling coach and mentor. Her blog provides free resources, ebooks, advice, and encouragement. She links to many daily life stories, including her own, but focuses on providing her audience with the tools they’ll need to create a successful unschooling environment for their families.

Unschooling Paradise

Unschooling Paradise : Unschooling Blog You Should Follow

Unschooling Paradise follows the roadschooling adventures of a family of four as they travel across America and learn about the world firsthand. They check out roadside oddities, historical landmarks, and beautiful landscapes. They provide tools, stories, and advice while they learn about life from the road.

Unschooling the Kids

Unschooling the Kids : Unschooling Blog You Should Follow

Unschooling the Kids features posts from Lehla and Anthony Eldridge-Rogers, as well as posts from their three children. Unlike many unschooling blogs, each member of this family posts about their own thoughts, interests, projects, and activities. Lehla and Anthony have also co-authored Jump, Fall, Fly, a book about their transition from traditional schooling to unschooling.

Unschool Rules

Unschool Rules : Unschooling Blog You Should Follow

The “Concilittoman Family” is a five person family from Pennsylvania who are all involved in the unschooling of Sara Otto. Sara began her unschooling in February of 2012 and art became a huge part of her education. This blog provides unschooling resources as well as discussion about learning from biographies, video games, movies, TV, and real-world math.

Yes I Can Write

Yes I Can Write : Unschooling Blog You Should Follow

Yes I Can Write is a blog by Idzie Desmarais, a grown unschooler who lives in Montreal, Quebec. She attended 6 months of Kindergarten and has been unschooling ever since. She has been blogging since 2008 and in her blog she discusses unschooling and lifelong learning from her first hand point of view. She also provides resources for adult unschoolers.

Unschooling Connection and Community

A main idea behind unschooling is that humans want to follow their heart and do things their own way, so does it matter what other unschoolers are doing? Connecting to others in the unschooling community and seeing how they go about their self directed learning can be more helpful and inspiring than you might think. Even if you want to use your own unique approach to unschooling, just knowing there are like-minded people out there who believe in self directed learning is a huge inspiration. Becoming familiar with some of the techniques and practices other families use may also give you and your family ideas you would have never considered.

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