About Us

Launched by a community of families to provide unschooling resources to those seeking alternate educational options and and applicable real-world experiences for their children.  We focus on being a safe place where you can read and share unschooling stories, connect to like-minded families, and gather resources related to helping children thrive in the unschooling philosophy.
We value and respect the importance of exploring opportunities that include stepping away from conventional systems and methods of education,  while also nurturing independent, creative, and confident children. 
Unschooling is an educational approach that advocates for learner-led, natural life experiences as a primary means for learning.  It has been called “experienced-based learning” or “independent learning” and is based on the belief that parents and children are capable of creating a learning path that works best for them, without depending on traditional educational institutions. Unschooling encourages exploration and cultivation of life skills, prioritizes connection and hands-on learning, focuses on the unique needs of each child, and extends to all areas of life.  
While it can be considered a subset of homeschooling, unschooling is not equated to a specific curriculum or set of guidelines and is customized for each family.